In the early 1920’s almost all known kingdoms of this world were engrossed in battle amongst each other for supremacy. Atheistic communism and secularism were gaining prominence which resulted in the denial of the Roman Catholic Church’s authority. People started to discard the laws of Christ and His Church as being less important.

To combat these problems and to teach the rulers what true kingship is, and the subjects how to live a good life, Pope Pius XI, on 11 December 1925, instituted the feast of Christ the King.

The feast is also the Church’s affirmation of what scripture – the Old and the New Testaments – have to say. The promise made in the Old Testament to create a lasting kingdom is fulfilled in Christ. It is the desire of the church with Saint Paul and all the apostles that every knee shall bend to honour our saviour and King.

The Kingdom of Jesus is the kingdom of love. He has become the King through His self-sacrifice. Therefore His subjects are dear to Him and He always takes care of them.

Jesus becomes the model for all rulers, ministers, leaders and all who aspire for power in governments, organizations, or churches. Kingship or leadership, therefore, is a call for service and sacrifice.

–Rev. Ranjan D’Sa OCD

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