In the liturgical year of the church, we enter the holiest week of our worship with Passion Sunday, also known as Palm Sunday. A lot of things happened during this week. Jesus was preparing himself for his impending death which will bring salvation to the whole world.

Let us go through the activities of Jesus for this whole week.

Sunday – Jesus enters Jerusalem acclaimed by the people, holding palm branches. Then returns to Bethany.

Monday – Jesus, on his way to the temple, curses the fig-tree, preaches in the temple, and returns to Bethany.

Tuesday – The leaders of the temple have bitter discussion with Jesus and on the way back to Bethany Jesus announces the destruction of Jerusalem.

Wednesday – Jesus spends the day in Bethany while Judas plots against him.

Thursday – Preparation in the morning for the Passover celebrations. In the evening Jesus celebrates with His disciples the Passover. During the meal he washes their feet, gives his final instructions to the disciples and after the meal goes to Gethsemane to pray.

11:00 pm – Jesus was arrested, then taken to Annas and Caiaphas who unofficially condemn him to death. Later he was given to the temple guards for the night of harassment and mockery.

Friday – 6:00 am   Sanhedrin officially condemn Jesus to death.

9:00 am – Jesus is handed over to Pilate who sends Jesus to Herod. Herod returns the favour by sending him back to Pilate.

11:00 am – Jesus is scourged and crowned with thorns and given the cross to start his journey to Calvary.

12:00 noon – Jesus is nailed to the cross and suffers for three hours.

3:00 pm – Jesus dies on the cross

5:00 pm – Jesus’ body was kept in the tomb.

Saturday – The Tomb was sealed and was guarded.

Sunday – 5.00 am   The women, Mary Magdalene, John, and Peter find the tomb empty.

Jesus appears to the women and then to Peter.

3:00 to 6:00 pm   Jesus appears to the disciples at Emmaus, and

9:00 pm   He appears to his apostles gathered in the Upper Room (without Thomas)

–Rev. Ranjan D’Sa OCD

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